Photo by Pamela Ayala

Photo by Pamela Ayala



...A Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, guitarist/bassist, producer and sometimes-cartoonist.

Raised in Richmond, Virginia, he has always split his time between playing in rock bands and doodling in the margins of notebooks. 

In 2004, he met the other members of Jukebox the Ghost from a flier in George Washington University's music department. After recording their debut indie-pop album over a holiday break, the band started touring in 2007 after graduating and haven't stopped since. The same lineup continues today after five studio albums, a live album, and over 1,000 shows all over the world, including festivals like Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, and Lollapalooza, and late night shows like Letterman and Conan.

On tour, Tommy takes cartoon requests from fans and tweets the results back to them, creating a constant back-and-forth documented in his independently-released 2014 book "Van Doodles, Volume 1". 

Between tours, Tommy has carved out time for eight studio releases with Drunken Sufis, his noise/jazz-punk project founded in 2006.

In 2014, he founded Narc Twain as an outlet for his dystopian-themed, power-pop songwriting. Their debut EP was released in 2015, with a full-length scheduled for release in 2017.

He is currently finishing a solo record of McCartney-inspired bedroom pop to be released later in 2017.

On any given day, you can find Tommy getting over-caffeinated and producing music in his home studio for commercial use, film and TV, other artists, and his own projects.